Cachan International Relationships
The Comittee for International Relationships and Twinnings, The CRIJ
The Comittee for International Relationships and Twinnings
has the mission to support vatious kinds of international actions undertaken by Cachan citizens.

Main actions organized by the CRIJ
itself or supported through  associations and/or Cachan city :
- school pupils and youth trips abroad 
- international solidarity actions in
  developing countries.
- international sport tournaments
- international cultural meetings
- languages lessons

The CRIJ president is Mr André Thély. 3 committees:
- International Solidarity
- School groups exchanges
- Sports & Culture
take care of the coordination of the projects with concerned asso-ciations.
The monthly meeting of the board is dedicated to the examination, the validation and the follow-up of projects.
Yearly reports are presented during the general assembly in june.

AssoThe main financial ressource of CRIJ is the subsidy of Cachan city, with in addition, subsidies from

- the state
- regional authorities
- german
- french Office for youth (OFAJ).

and also CRIJ members fees, and Cachan families payments for their participation to activities like pupils groups exchange or language lessons for example.

Since 4 years now the CRIJ keeps you informed on this Website of  international events and actions
in the city of Cachan.

You can find here descriptions and reports of international projects carried out by associations and public institutions of Cachan city supported by the CRIJ, and of course of the CRIJ own projects.
v The CRIJ supported financially 8 associations in their actions of international solidarity, mainly in Africa.
v 7 schools exchanges and trips mainly in Germany within the twinning, but also in UK.
6 sport and culture projects were supported, of which the interna- tional tournament by the COC.
v More than 85 persons, adults
and young children attended our languages lessons in english, german and spanish.
v Support to associations for their projects exceeded 38.000 €.
The CRIJ organized in november the second meeting of International Solidarity, together with Cachan associations.
Projects reports - conferences.

2015 will be a continuity year when considering CRIJ's main activities : international solidarity , school exchanges, sport & culture, language teaching.

After second edition of the meeting of International Solidarity,  the CRIJ will prepare a new form of meeting involving schools for 2015.

The CRIJ will try to increase it's support to school groups exchanges for all Cachan school levels and will support in may the trip of Cachan singers for their annual common concert with the Wolfenbüttel music school.

The CRIJ is also takong part to the new school courses organisation  by an initiation to the german culture for 10 years pupils.

This summer the CRIJ lost an old friend.
Jacques Sudan was part of the small team who founded the CRIJ 17 years ago, and remained as honorary chairman an active member of our association as long as his health allowed him to take part to our activities.

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President words
2014 should be again a very active year for the CRIJ within its major missions, as follows :
  • increase support to associations and local public institutions, especially the city schools, carrying out projects including international characteristics to a large extend, and
  • continue the existing successful language lessons in german, english and spanish for Cachan citizens.
Some political issues in Africa are not, of course, very favourable for International Solidarity actions, however not less than 8 associations are still proposing for this year projects of that nature and will get the CRIJ support.
Our exchanges with the district of Wolfenbüttel within the twinning are still very dynamic and 8 exchanges of schools, sport and culture are planned for 2014.
Language lessons started again in september 2014 with a slightly reduced number of young children most likely due to the new school schedules introduced this year in France, and the increased number of activities offered to pupils within this change.

The CRIJ board was partly renewed recently but the dynamism, availability and efficiency of the team is not affected by any way. Let me thank all members officially here, in the name of Cachan citizens.

The CRIJ members were very sad to learn that our friend Jacques Sudan passed away.
Jacques was part of the team which founded the CRIJ in 1998.
He was one of our honorary chairmen, and took part to our board meetings as long as it was possible for him. 
Since the early days of the CRIJ, Jacques brought to our association his competence, with an oustanding commitment, and much of his time, and we are grateful for all. 
He was the original Cachan coordinator of one of our key activities, namely the pupils exchange with our friends of Wolfenbüttel district. This exchange still takes place every spring,
with a continuous success over the years. 
Jacques was  vrey attentive to other people, and the CRJ lost not only a key member of our association, but also a friend we will never forget.                 A. Thely

The CRIJ within the city international strategy
Extract from the city news magazine, november 2015, sorry only french version available !