International Solidarity

International Solidarity  
CRIJ relationship with developing countries is based on the financial support of Cachan associations involved in development actions in those countries.

Those actions express the friendship and the solidarity of Cachan citizens to the people of these disadvantaged countries

When the partner is a developing country, international relastionship is not any more based on reciprocal exchanges.

The relationship counterpart is in such case more in humankind dimension, and in the contact with the different cultures we meet during our supporting actions.

The solidarity support of CRIJ started many years ago in Mali, with 'Solidarité Cachan Soroma' association.

Then it was extended to many countries of sub-saharan Africa
(Senegal, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Niger, Benin, Togo, Burundi), and also to Madagascar, Vietnam and South- América (Peru).


Education is for sure a major hope factor for the future of those dis- advantaged countries
CRIJ subsidies school and university supplies such as :
  • furniture 
  • sanitary 
  • books 
  • scientific equipment 
  • teachers training sessions


Isolated villages are often in a total lack of any medical assistance.

CRIJ support the actions of equip-ment and construction of health centers, providing local villagers a point of first aid and securing availability of emergency medicines.


The development of those countries is highly dependent on local eco-nomic activities. 
Water supply is often a pre-requisite to any progress.

The CRIJ is mainly involved in the implementation of food production projects, as well as in the involve- ment of women in economic activities

Our Partners
CRIJ is supporting various types of Cachan associations :
  • Students associations of Cachan high schools (ENS, Ecole des Travaux Publics, IUT de Cachan), 
  • Citizens associations created after meeting or trips in such countries 
  • Associations created by migrants of southern countries living in Cachan to support their country population 
  • Associations generated by contacts between migrants et Cachan citizens in the city socio-cultural centers.

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If you belong yourself to an International Solidarity association in your country, you may of course get in touch with one of the Cachan associations, and maybe join your capabilities to run more ambitious projects out of reach for a single association.

If you have a special interest in a project carried by an association, please help them.