Cachan International Relationships
Languages Lessons at CRIJ
As the whole world becomes more and more open to international exchanges and contacts, the lack of knowledge of foreign languages will become more and more a real handicap,in personnel life when travelling for example, also in professionnal life where more people in more companies have daily contacts with foreign partners.

The C.R.I.J. organizes evening language lessons attended by close to 100 Cachan citizens and kids. These courses are based on open discussion among attendees and teacher and aim at opening kids (5 to 10) mind to foreign language, untill they get language courses at school, and facilitating adults contact capabillity in a foreign environment.
The courses are based on small groups, built by level for adults, by age for kids.


Registration is organized each year during the 2nd half of september.

All information is at that time available on this Website, including prices and registration form.

All documents are in french
of course

Here are available the registration documents, but of course in french language only.