International Exchanges
International Exchanges
Since many years, the CRIJ supports all kinds of inter-national exchanges and meetings which are organized by Cachan associations, schools and groups of citizens.
Most events are within the frame of the Wolfenbüttel district twinning, and alternately in Cachan and Wolfenbüttel, but we also support events in other countries.

Since many years, CRIJ organizes a yearly pupils group exchange with our partners of Wolfenbüttel. Cachan kids spend an april week in Germany, and german kids visit us in june.

We also support several schools of Cachan for their trips abroad or their group exchanges.

The Youth department of Cachan city is part of a
4 european cities group organizing a summer stay for 16/20 teens, with a specific year theme.
Rhondda (Wales) is also member of the group.
In 2014 this event took place in Wrzesnia in Poland Outstanding opportunity to meet young people with different culture.


Sport associations in Cachan are supported by the CRIJ for their international meetings and tournaments

During the last past years, we supported international competitions with our sport clubs COC (football) ALC (judo) and HBC (Handball).


The CRIJ supports also international activities of groups and organisations in Cachan:

Music school
common concert with young german musicians, Choir G. Migot twinning, African Movie Festival 
are the main events we support


Within the frame of the twinning, we also support Wolfenbüttel groups in the organization of their trips to Cachan and Paris area.

You too may be concerned !
If, as an association or school board member, you wish to initiate such an exchange, you may contact us and we shall be glad to forward your request to potential partners in Cachan, in the direct neighborhood of Paris
Living in Rhondda ?  Be aware of the Summer Youth Camp at your place in 2015