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Since the last visit in Germany of our mayor Mr Le Bouillonec (MP),
Mrs Christina Steinbrügge took over last year the head of the district council in Wolfenbüttel. 

Her 3 days visit was the opportunity for our mayor to let her appreciate 
our city development and most of interesting spots.

The CRIJ took part to this event ans especially was allowed to present it's action to Mrs Steinbrügge and all members of Cachan city council attending this meeting.

15 projects from Cachan associations and schools were so far approved and get CRIJ support.
Those projects concern our usual activities like International Solidarity, Sports, Culture, Schools exchanges and trips,
on top of the own CRIJ activities of Language lessons, and the 10/11 childs exchange with our friends of Wolfenbüttel.

30e anniversaire du jumelage
à Wolfenbüttel
     Language Lessons

The new season of language lessons will start end of september.

Registration begins as usual at the next Cachan Associations Forum on sept 12th.

All details related to the CRIJ language lessons and registration are available at the language lessons page of this site.

             SOLIDARITY INTL

Since 2013, The CRIJ is taking an active part during the Week of International Solidarity organized by Cachan city authorities.

On november 21st, will take place the CRIJ Meetings of International Solidarity at the city hall.

Cachan associations wil report their 2015 projects, and a free discussion will follow on food related projects, which is the main theme of the 
2015 Solidarity Week.