Cachan International Relationships
The Twinning with the Wolfenbüttel District
The original twinning of Cachan with the Brunswick district in Germany, was established in the sixties under the initiative of Jacques Carat mayor of Cachan and Carl Lauenstein, head of the Brunswick district council

After the re-organization of the german territory districts, the twinning was transfered, by a common agreement, to the newly created Wolfenbüttel district.

Cachan carries a twinning relationship since now 30
years with the district of Wolfenbüttel in Germany and
it allows Cachan citizens to join a large number of events and activities, which city autho-rities and the CRIJ organize within the frame of the twinning, like for example, common activities in sport and culture areas, meeting german groups, and school exchanges.

The twinning offers a large number of various common activities to citizens of Cachan and Wolfenbüttel district, creating tight friendship links.

The activities are organized by the city authorities, the CRIJ and local associations Main events are school groups exchanges, youth summer camps, musical common concerts, fooball or handball tournaments, Modern Art Exhibition, etc...
The CRIJ is happy to support new activities brought by associations

The city of Wolfenbüttel                 access to Website
Wolfenbüttel, about 50 miles south-east of Hannover in Lower Saxony, very close to the beautiful protected areas of Harz, Elmand Asse, did not suffer damages of worldwar II.
You may visit virtually Wolfenbüttel and it's beautiful area, thanks to the Website of Mr Faure, frenchman established since many years in the Harz area, and tourist guide for groups.
Hereunder a few pictures published with Mr Faure authorization.

The city 
The old city, consisting mainly of timbered houses, is aligned along the typical squares, or along the channels made ??by the branches of the river that long protected its walls.
The city is proud of it's architectural ressources, and gives them an added value by an excellent maintenance and using
them as museums or cul-tural sites

You may discover there a wonderful collection of very old books, maps and other various documents.

Especially the Gospels of ’Henri the Lion' are there,
the world most expensive manuscript

The City of Cachan                Website
With about 30.000 inhabitants, Cachan is a medium size city within the southern suburbs of Paris.
The town is a mixture of dense areas reminding the big city neighborhood, and quiet individual housing areas.

From Cachan, you can reach Paris downtown by car, train or bus within few minutes.

Key-spots in Cachan are the roman time Aqueduct and the ENS, top of science schools in France
The city is having a twinning relationship with german partners since more than 40 years now.

French education system is headed by 'High Schools', so french !
Two of them are besed in Cachan, including the ENS at the top of scientific education in the country, and ESTP for building engineering.
Under the impulse of the city authorities, the city center is being currently renewed. Architectural buildings replace the old suburb anarchy, offering mixed housing and small business capabilities.