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Our last news
After the fruitful years 2018 and 2019, with more than 20 international projects supported by the CRIJ, 2020 looked to be as rich considering projects of Cachan associations and schools untill the pandemy hit these activities, of which many were suspended or cancelled.

Considering exchanges under direct responsability of CRIJ, the exchange of children aged 11~12 years,could not be completed by german kids visit to Cachan, and musical exchange of music schools devoted this year to string quartets, was unhappily cancelled.
Since march CRIJ activities were hit by consequences of pandemy, and many projects were suspended or even cancelled.

Especially language lessons were stopped at mid march, and will not resume untill next september.

Several exchanges and overseas trips were postponed or cancelled considering new travelling regulation in most countries. 

However the CRIJ is now starting again it's activities with a first monthly meeting held end of june.

In september the CRIJ will be present as usual at the Associations Forum and happy to meet again Cachan citizens and visitors.
In 2020, new edition of  
"Cinéregards Festival" dedicated to the african movie. In Cachan and neighbour towns  

trip to Liverpool POSTPONED
exchange Mexico
exchange Argentina  PARTLY
study trip Lithuania  PARTLY
Musical exchange organized by the le CRIJ for the Cachan  conservatory and the music school of Wolfenbüttel district.                CXLD
"Collège Victor Hugo"
trip to Germany      CXLD
trip to Spain           CXLD
Study trip to Denmark for the students of IUT Cachan.                CXLD
Every second year, international football tournament in Rautheim,
Germany.               CXLD
"Collège Paul Bert"
Exchange with the highschool of Wolfenbüttel
Cachan handball team is welcoming their partners of Lehre                    CXLD
Kids 11~12 exchange with our partners of Wolfenbüttel district
ALC and Wolfenbüttel hikers met again in Germany.

Fraternité Ubuvukanyi is investing in a biogaz renewable energy production
in Burundi
Over 70 attendants in 2019, stable audience number against previous year.

About half are children following the englisch course, 
the other half are adults practising the english, german or spanish language.

The CRIJ conversational language courses start every year in september and last until june over the school year.

However, due to pandemy, lessons were interrupted at mid march and will not resume before next september.
Madia develops again its "second chance school" with sanitary construction in
Sono will again orgzanize its summer school support and meals supply in Benin.
Cachan scouts will bring animation to an orphan house in India