Cultural Exchanges
The CRIJ is of course interested by international actions of local cultural associations and schools, and supports them in term of finance and logistic .

Similar foreign associations interested in creating some internatioal links, please contact us !

Modern Art Exhibition in Cachan
The 'Biennale d'Art Contemporain de Cachan' organized by Cachan city authorities every second year, took again place in 2014 at the city hall and more.

Foreign artists
may contact city authorities for further participation.

Since 1996 the 'Biennale d'art contemporain de Cachan' offers a number of different artistic views on our world, but always in our time.
The exhibition is rich also by a number of fine arts represented :
painting, printmaking, photography, video, sculpture and installation art...

The 'Biennale' is also, within our twinning with Wolfenbüttel Lk, an opportunity to express our long time friendship by the attendance of german artists.
In 2012 the photograph Yvonne Salzmann, the artist Bärbel Moré as well as the painter Dieter Jenke brought their works to the exhibition on the theme of alterity, which was the motto of this edition.
The art photograph Yvonne Salzmann came again to Cachan in april
 2013 for the first exhibition of a german artist at the 'Orangerie',  close to the town hall. That was a way to initiate fine arts exchange between our two communities. 
The works of Yvonne Salzmann, mainly black and white, emphasize the link between human and nature, in a very artistic selfie within a rude natural environment.

Music and Choir Singing
In 2011 the Cachan music school initiated a new exchange with their counterpart in Wolfenbüttel.
In the program a common concert and also the discovery of the area.

The Choir Georges Migot is meeting
every second year the Frauenchoir of Sickte, since many years.
It originated as an initiative of Mr Le Bouillonnec, MP, Mayor of Cachan and Mr Carré, director of the Cachan Music School, a new supported by the CRIJ started in 2011, with the music school of Wolfenbüttel leaded by Mr. Martin Bujara.
Twenty young musicians of Cachan visited first Wolfenbüttel in 2011; they took part to a common concert with their german counterparts, and they also had the chance to discover this beautiful area of Germany.

In May 2017, a new group of young cellists went to Wolfenbüttel for a common concert with their german local counterparts, and in 2019 brass and wood instruments young musicians were the actors of the event.
It was also a nice opportunity to discover the beautiful city of Wolfenbüttel, to share the life of a german family for a few days and to enjoy entertainment together with their german friends.

Exchange supported by the french-german youth association
here you may also discover the historical city of Wolfenbüttel
discover also the Cruise 
on the Oker river
2019 - The young musicians of wind instruments of Cachan music school have spent 5 very busy days in Wolfenbüttel.
The program was of course including rehearsals and the the concert itself, but also discovery and entertainments.

Following the warm welcome by Mrs C. Steinbrügge, president of the district council, at the district hall, they had the opportunity to enjoy the recreational cruise on the Oker river which flows through the city, names Oker Pirates cruise..
A visit of Wolfenbüttel was also in the program and they could discover it's key spots like the duke castle, the famous Library hosting the largest number of old middle-age books and documents, The Lessing House, and also the 'small Venice' area with its timbered houses.

Spending those few days at german families was also such a rich experience !

The concert itself, held at the main church BMV, together with their partners of the Wolfenbüttel music school and of the Theodor-Heuss high school, was a public success  Congratulations to all young musicians !

Hereunder a few pictures and the video made by Mr Carré, to keep memory of this trip to Wolfenbüttel.

The Vidéo 
Remember !

In 2018 the young wind instruments players of Wolfenbüttel visited us in Cachan for a first wind intruments concert, including famous themes like "The Lion" or "James Bond"
Please find here extracts from the concert.

In 2019 a professional sound recording of the common concert was produced, and extracts are now available hereunder.
Every second year, on even years,the Cachan choir 'ensemble choral G. Migot' meets their german friends of the Sickte ladies choir 'Frauenchor' .
In 2012 this meeting was held in Germany, and after the usual common concert, was an opportunity to visit the historic city of  Brunswick and the famous Lünebourg heath, and of course to enjoy the friendsips developed over the long years of relationship.

at first it is very serious and musical.......                                   then comes the time to enjoy frienships 

You may find pictures of this trip en the Website of ECGM with a clic here, or on the following pictures.

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